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Brush Drop Off and Leaf Collection

Our equipment in not designed to vacuum long or heavy objects they cause the vacuum tube to clog and heavy items such as logs can damage the impeller.

If the snowfall is not a substantial snowfall (greater than 4″) and leaves are visible enough to find, we will continue leaf collection.

Similar to trash collection, leaf collection is exempt from certain required official traffic-control guidelines in Pennsylvania, our equipment has warning lights, and our employees are to be wearing the proper ANSI safety garments. Leaf collection must be accomplished in a manner that will provide an adequate degree of safety for the workers and the public.


Allow your grass clippings to dry and then place them in your trash receptacle.

  • The Brush Drop Off Facility is located at 2480 W. Canal Rd., behind the Dover Township Municipal Building. It is open the 2nd and 4th Saturdays from 7am-4pm.
  • Curbside Leaf Collection is available in the fall. Please check our website or newsletter for the dates.

The brush drop-off facility currently accepts the following items:

  • Branches
  • Leaves (cannot be in bags – unless bags are biodegradable)
  • Shrubbery

We cannot accept roots, rooted ground balls, bamboo, or grass clippings.  This policy is strictly enforced.  Proof of residency may be required.

Leaves need to be placed at the curb so they are accessible to the equipment used for leaf collection.

Our equipment is not designed to vacuum long or heavy objects. They can cause the vacuum to clog.  Heavy items, such as logs, can damage the equipment.  Brush collection is now offered through Penn Waste.

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