Building / Property Codes

The Building Code Official issues building and/or zoning permits for the erection, enlargement, repair, alteration, relocation or demolition of any structure. A structure is defined as any man-made object having an ascertainable stationary location on or in land or water, whether or not affixed to the land.

We do encourage residents to call and ask questions before they start projects to verify the need for permits and the information required.

The Building Code Official helps to administer the Property Maintenance Code dealing with outside property conditions such as high grass, weeds and other vegetation; snow removal from sidewalks; accumulations or stockpiling of goods or debris; and unregistered vehicles parked on private property.

High Grass

High grass is considered a violation if it is 12” or higherGrass
When we receive a concern, we will do a site visit to verify the concern and send a letter to the property owner citing the violation and the deadline to comply. If the property is vacant and the deadline passes, the township will arrange for mowing and place a lien on the property. If the property is occupied and mowing is not done, charges will be filed with the District Justice.  Resulting fines can be assessed at up to $1,000.00 per day, plus costs, for each day a violation continues.


Snow on Sidewalks

Property owners are responsible for removing snow on sidewalks abutting their property within 24 hours of a storm.Snow
Failure to clear the sidewalks in the allotted time can result in charges being filed immediately with the District Justice since this is a safety issue.
Many residents will ask that if a complaint is filed, would their name remain confidential?  We encourage callers to give us their contact information in case of follow up questions.
In addition, should a complaint go before the District Justice, in rare cases the complainant may be called to testify as a victim and describe the problem or issues.

Snow Piles

As per Ordinance 21-106, Dover Township is permitted to mound snow and ice on public cartways and/or curbs.

No person shall deposit or cause to be deposited any snow or ice on or immediately adjacent to a fire hydrant or on any sidewalk, roadway or loading and unloading areas of the public streets, except that snow and ice may be mounded by Dover Township on public cartways or on curbs incident to clearing thereof.


(Ord. 91-1, 9/9/1991, § 4.5A; as added by Ord. 2004-02, 3/8/2004, § 1)


More Building / Property Code Information