Clothing Bins

Do you have boxes of clothing that are taking up space in your garage or attic?  Interested in disposing of those articles, while helping your community and Dover Township maintain its Parks and Recreation Facilities at the same time?  If you answered yes to these questions, we have an excellent opportunity for you!
Dover Township has partnered with Community Aid to host 2 drop off sites for unwanted clothing/shoes/textiles.

Clothing Bin 02
Lehr Unity Park
3700 Davidsburg Road
Dover, PA 17315

The program will provide $0.04 cents per pound back to our Dover community for park improvements and maintenance.  In addition, we will receive clothing care cards, which we will be donating to New Hope Ministries for distribution to disadvantaged neighbors.  After one year, we will be eligible for a $5,000 grant, which we will be using to help fund additional parks and recreation improvements and maintenance.
You may be asking yourself “Why does Dover Township need these funds?”  We strive to provide good services at a low cost to our community without the need to raise taxes.  Our tax rate has remained at 1 mil since 2009.  With that being said, costs continue to rise for the services we provide to the community and, unfortunately, parks and recreation is an area that often must be cut to balance the budget.  We, therefore, are looking for ways to fund improvements and maintenance without asking for our property owners to pay a higher tax rate.  So… here is your opportunity to rid yourself of all that used clothing that the kids have out grown or that you no longer wear.  We appreciate your use of this program and hope that it will be a resounding success!