Treatment of Water

Dover Township treats your drinking water with Sodium Hypochlorite. Disinfection remains important.

Chlorine Pump

Figure 1 – Chlorine Pump

Groundwater usually has a good microbiological quality, because it is prefiltered through various ground layers. Those ground layers function as a natural filter; microorganisms and other particles are removed when the water seeps down. Afterwards, the water still needs treatment, because not all pollutions can be removed biologically. Groundwater can be contaminated by sewage water or waste water pollutions.
Chlorine Day Tank

Figure 2 – Chlorine Day Tank

Even when water treatment is applied, one has to watch out for outbreaks of waterborne diseases. Water that is used for drinking water purposes can be prepared from surface water, groundwater or recycled water. This water can be contaminated by pathogenic microorganisms and other pollutants. Sufficient disinfection is needed to prevent diseases.

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