Roads Department

Dover Township Roads Department group picture wearing red shirts. From left to right, Martin Smith, Duane Hull, Gerald Lighty, Fran Eyler and Mike Feight.
The Dover Township road crew consists of seven people and their duties are to maintain the 121 miles of Township roads and bridges.  However, not all roads and bridges in the Township are the responsibility of the Township.  See the maps below for a breakdown of these assets by their respective owners:

Road Map Legend


Liquid Fuels Map (2020)


Bridges located on Penn Dot roads.
There are also county bridges within the Township such as:

  • School House Road (Between Clear View Road and Conewago Road)
  • Conewago Road (Between School House Road and Colonial Road)
  • Cardinal Road
  • Baker Road


Services Provided by Highway & Roads Crew:

  • Pot Hole Repair
  • Road Repair, Overlay and Reconstruction20160428_075122
  • Street Sign, Maintenance, Repair, Install (All signs are to be reflective and GPS)
  • Pipe Replacement (New pipes are installed in place of rusted out ones, etc)
  • Gutter Maintenance (Gutter cutting is to get water of out and away from roadway.)
  • Mowing of Grass along road right of ways
  • Trimming of trees along road right of ways
  • Street Sweeping
  • Cleaning of storm catch basins and to maintain them (To keep rain water flowing.)20160509_090233
  • Crack Sealing of roads (To try and save road surface from water seeping through)
  • Fixing of wash outs (Created by storm waters.)
  • Setting up of “Water On Roadway” signs (Due to flooded roads.)
  • Removal of downed trees on roadway (Due to high winds and storms.)
  • Guide rail Maintenance


Highway & Roads Crew Responsibilities

  • Traffic line painting
  • Traffic signals (Maintenance and Repair)10856528_10152881342424807_4887820008982431620_o
  • Salt and Cindering of Township Roads (Due to winter weather)
  • Snow Plowing (With assistance from the other crews)
  • PA 1 Calls (We mark the Township underground pipes so outside contractors avoid them)
  • Service and Repair road crew trucks and Equipment
  • Road crew also assists in Water digs (Maintenance and service line breaks)
  • Road crew assist in fall leaf collection (With Parks and Rec)


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