Replacing the “BAM”

Setting Manhole Frame and Covers Nearly Flush with Pavement
Have you ever driven down a road and BAM, you just hit what you thought was a pothole? After you gather you senses from the jar, you see it was a low manhole frame and cover. Well, we here at Dover Township have experienced the same problem. Our Wastewater Collections Department is to the rescue.

Our Sewer Department is working on fixing this problem within our Township. We have tried a new way to get the frame and covers as close as possible to the new or existing paving.  This process involves a lot of work for our crews and patience from motorists on our roads. We must remove the existing manhole frame, paving and any risers underneath the manhole frame. 

We then drill holes into the manhole cone so we can set threaded rods. We then sit the manhole cover on nuts and washers on the threaded rods. We use the nuts to adjust the frame to the paved surface, which allows us to get the manhole frame as close to the paving as possible without being too high that the plows hit them. 

After that, we then put an inner form inside the frame in order to pour concrete. This forms a solid manhole riser. When the concrete is set the next day, we place blacktop around the frame and compact it. Just like that, you have a manhole frame and cover flush with a paved surface.

This is the process our Sewer Collection Department is now using to make your travels through our Township as smooth as possible. Please enjoy the slide show that showcases our Sewer Collection Department in action. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Chris Hamme, Wastewater Collection Superintendent.

Middle of the street focused on a manhole cover that has been repaired to the same grade as the street.