Final Effluent

Clear final effluent flowing into Little Conewago Creek.

A National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit is required for any point source discharge to waters of the Commonwealth.  The Dover Township Wastewater Treatment Facility operates under its NPDES permit, PA0020826.  This permits spells out the minimum regulatory requirements that this facility must follow at all times. Following is a short synopsis of our permit requirements:

Parameter Value Unit
Design Flow 8.0 MGD Average Daily flow
Fecal Coliform 200 CFU Colony Forming Units, monthly Geometric Mean
pH 6.0 SU Minimum  value
pH 9.0 SU Maximum value
Total Suspended Solids 30.0 mg/L Monthly average maximum
Total Suspended Solids 45.0 mg/L Weekly average maximum
Ammonia Nitrogen 1.5 mg/L Monthly average maximum
Phosphorus 2.0 mg/L Monthly average maximum
Dissolved Oxygen 5.0 mg/L Daily minimum
Biochemical Oxygen Demand 10 .0 mg/L Monthly average maximum
Biochemical Oxygen Demand 15.0 mg/L Weekly average maximum

Every month, the plant must send a report to the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection that details the plant’s effluent quality.  This report must be legally signed and attested by the Operator-in-charge that all information is correct and all analyses were correctly performed.

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