In the sewers, there is a situation that is costing homeowners and our municipality about $100,000 each year.  Many communities refer to this problem simply as the FOG monster (Fats, Oils, Grease) or the CLOG monster since he is the main cause of sewer clogs.  The Dover Township (FOG) monster is a costly problem that grows every time someone pours any fats, oils, and grease down the drain.
A sewer back-up can be a very yucky, grimy, stinky, and costly mess!  Our goal is to minimize the chance of this occurring.  It is only with the help of all the residents can this be done.  The worst culprit in clog formation is the combination of fats, grease and oils, known as FOG.  FOG hardens and the tiny bits stick together as they flow down the sewer pipe.  These nasty clumps attach to the solids normally found in the sewage and larger yucky masses grow.  Soon these clumps start to stick to the sides of the pipes and slow down the flow of the sewage.  The slower flow promotes the growth of larger and larger clumps.  The situation worsens until the sewer pipe is clogged and the stuff starts to back up.   The result is a mess that no one wants.
Fats, oils, and grease are usually byproducts of cooking.  They can be found in meats, lards, cooking oils, butter, margarine, shortening, creams, sauces, salad dressings, and dairy products. Even a small amount of grease that goes down the drain as you are cleaning up after cooking will combine with the grease from your neighbors.  Soon, another FOG monster is created.  The easiest way to solve this problem and help prevent backups and sewage overflows is to keep FOG out of the system.  Here’s what you can do to help:

•  Do not pour oil, grease, or fats down the drain.
•  Soak up the grease after frying with paper towels and put in trash.
•  Pour larger amounts of used cooking grease into a container with a lid. Refrigerate to harden, and then place in trash. (Great way to recycle containers from take-outs.)
•  Minimize the use of your garbage disposal. Put food scraps into the garbage.
•  Never pour motor oils down the drain! This is illegal.

Put the FOG monster on a fat-free diet and our whole community will benefit.


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