Public Water System

Dover Township Water Department group picture all wearing red shirts. From left to right, Mike Ladd, Matt McWilliams, Stanley Jett and Matthew Helwig.
The public water system is maintained, metered and billed by Dover Township. The current estimate is that there are 73 miles of waterlines within the system consisting of cast iron, ductile iron, and transite pipe. Current water usage is about 1 million gallons per day. The water system consists of 10 entry points (nine groundwater and one surface purchased-water source), five storage tanks, and two pump stations. During a 2010 water main project, about 2 miles of 6–8 inch water mains were upgraded to 10–12 inch mains.
Topographic map showing yellow dots representing fire hydrant locations within Dover Township

(Due to the sensitive nature of public utilities, no interactive water system map will be provided)

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