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Be Prepared!  Be Safe!

Each season has its own hazards such as flooding, snow, ice and heat.
The following are tips and tools for all weather and hazards:

Power Outage?

Met-Ed First Energy:  1-888-544-4877 or use the app: 

met-ed app


Met-Ed App


Adams Electric:  1-800-726-2324 or use app.

adams electric app


Adams Electric App



Red Cross Apps:  Send alerts and give shelters.

Red Cross AppsRed Cross App





FEMA logo



Midland NOAA Radio:

NOAA app

Special Needs Registry

Do you or your family member have a special need?
Are you able to evacuate your home without help?
Dover Township EMA can help you.

Dover Township EMA works with York County Office of Emergency Management to see that all who have special needs can be registered.

If you have an illness, physical or mental condition that requires special needs, you are a candidate for registry.  The young and elderly are on Oxygen and need generators to operate their homes in emergencies.  Many residents are wheel chair bound and need assistance on evacuation.

The Dover Township EMA has a list of transportation agencies for bed confined, wheel chairs, walkers and those with illnesses including overweight residents.  We will see that you are taken care of with TLC (Tender Loving Care) during an emergency.

If you fit any of the above descriptions, please complete the attached form.  The information on the form is placed on a GIS mapping system at the township building after documentation on a database.  This information will be used by the police, fire, EMS and EMA to assist you in an emergency.  The above agencies follow the privacy guidelines and information is only shared for your care.

Please send this form to Dover Township EMA and leave your special needs to us.  One name per form and the form can be duplicated.


Be Prepared! Be Safe!

Staff Needed:  Mass Care officer.

Prerequisites: None.  Red Cross back ground a plus.

  • Coordinate shelters in the area with EMA, American Red Cross and other appropriate agencies;
  • Coordinate warming and cooling comfort stations
  • Performs other responsibilities as assigned by the EMC.

Staff Needed:  Public Works

Prerequisites:  None.  Previous work in Public Works department a plus.

  • Report creek and road conditions to the EMC
  • Work closely with the township fire department and township EMA.
  • Establish road closures as needed.

Interested in helping your community?

Contact:  Anne Zarlenga EMC