Employee Achievements

Dover Township would like to Welcome the Following New Employees to the Township in 2023:


  • Colby Ambrose-Highway
  • Mark Millar-Parks and Facilities
  • Jake Dillon-Water Distribution
  • Jeff Merrifield-Water Distribution
  • Christian Smith-Water Distribution
  • Jason Hamberger-Wastewater Collection
  • Brad Stermer-Highway


2023 brought several milestone anniversaries for some of our staff:

Matthew Helwig, Utilities Superintendent, and Nathan Stone, Technology Specialist, celebrated 15 years of service to the Dover Township Community.  Tracy Kreiger, Parks and Facilities Maintenance Worker 2, celebrated 20 years with the Township.  Lastly, Dawn Strausbaugh celebrated 30 years of service in a career that began as the Receptionist and progressed to oversight of the front office operations, payroll and human resource functions.  Dawn holds the distinction of being Dover Township’s current longest tenured employee!  A heartfelt congratulations to all of you from your team here at Dover Township.  Thank you for all you do and continue to do every day to “Build Futures and Create Memories” for our residents.

Dover Township values training and education and offers its employees the opportunity to advance in their role at the Township with achievement of certifications.  Congratulations to the following employees for their achievements in 2023:


Christopher Hamme, former Wastewater Collection Superintendent, was promoted to Assistant Public Works Director.


Parks and Facilities Department

Richard Rudacille, Parks and Facilities Maintenance Worker 3, completed his Core Spray License Certification.

Judd Wolfe, former Parks and Facilities Maintenance Worker 1, was promoted to Parks and Facilities Maintenance Superintendent.


Highway Department

Calvin Kern, Highway Maintenance Worker 3, obtained his LTAP Road Scholar 1 certification.


Utilities Department

Matthew Helwig was promoted from Water Distribution Superintendent to Utilities Superintendent with his oversight extending to now include Wastewater Collections.  Stanley Jett was promoted from Water Distribution Operator 1 to Assistant Utilities Superintendent.  Both Matthew and Stanley obtained their Certified Stormwater Inspector Certification and their NASSCO Certification for the Wastewater Collection System.  Stanley also obtained his Spray License for Pesticide Management.

Mike Ladd was promoted to Water Distribution Operator 1 with his obtainment of a Residential Plumbing License.

Jake Dillon, Water Distribution Trainee obtained his CDL.


Wastewater Treatment Plant Staff

Aaron Laird was promoted to the position of WWTP Operator 1 with his obtainment of his CDL and spray license certifications.

Joel Chronister, WWTP Plant Trainee obtained his category 26 spray license.

Congratulations to all of you on your hard work and dedication to achieve these new positions, licenses and certifications to improve your skillsets and provide quality and efficient services to our Dover Township residents!