About the Plant Staff

Mission Statement:
The Dover Township Wastewater Treatment Facility is dedicated to the task of conserving a healthy environment for terrestrial and aquatic life.  We will strive to meet at a minimum, all the permit levels as set forth by the state and federal regulations.  As operational professionals, we will fulfill our responsibility to protect the interest and investment in the facility by maintaining safe, attractive, economical and efficient wastewater treatment facilities to the best of our abilities. We will endeavor to increase our knowledge and skills in modern technology in the science of water pollution control to advance to the point of returning water back to its natural state upon which all forms of life depend.
Vision Statement:
               Clean water today for a better tomorrow!
Currently 9 plant employees : 7 hold A1 DEP Operator certificates; educational backgrounds include: 5 Bachelor degrees, 1 Master degree, and 1 Associate degree.  This facility and its employees have earned numerous professional awards and recognitions over the decades. Below is a partial listing of awards received since 2000:

  • 2018 York County Conservation District: Outstanding Watershed Stewardship
  • 2016 PWEA Utility Leadership Excellence Award (S Simon)
  • 2015 PWEA Operator of the Year (A Biese)
  • 2014 CPWQA Operator Excellence (A Biese)
  • 2011 CPWQA Laboratory Excellence
  • 2009 CPWQA Clean Streams Award
  • 2006 WEF William D. Hatfield Award for outstanding performance and professionalism in the operation of a wastewater treatment plant.
  • 2006 PWEA Safety Award
  • 2003 Award for Operation & Maintenance Excellence (EPA Region III)
  • 2003 PWEA Plant O&M Excellence Award (S Simon)
  • 2003 PWEA Operator Research Award (S Simon)
  • 2002, 2003, 2004: CPWQA Safety Awards
  • 2000 Operator Excellence CPWQA (S Simon)

Note: CPWQA = Central PA;   PWEA = Statewide;  WEF = National

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