Leaf Collection

Dover Township Building & Grounds would like to share some of the issues we encounter during leaf collection.  Your help can speed up these operations, control costs, and create a safer working environment for our crews.



Dover Township is the second largest township in York County with the third largest population. Our crews must cover 121 miles of township roads and 49 miles of state roads to complete a single pass.   That’s over 340 miles up one side of the road and down the other. This distance equals a round trip drive from Dover Township to Ocean City, New Jersey (346 miles via I-76).  A single pass can be completed in approximately one week if we are lucky enough to have no interruption or issues.

Fall Leaf Collection to be determined.


  • 1012692_10152594967989807_4162037765552859693_n Leaves should be raked to the curb and placed in a linear pile.
  • Try to place leaves to be easily accessible and away from objects such as poles, mailboxes, etc.
  • Do not park vehicles in front of or on top of leaf piles.
  • We cannot accept grass clippings since we do not have place to take them. Place grass clippings in bags and put them with your trash collection.
  • Please do not mix brush or shrubbery into leaf piles. These items will not pass through the leaf machine and get stuck in the vacuum tube.  This can become a time-consuming and costly problem for us.

Leaf collection is a labor intensive process. Unfortunately, it also coincides with the holiday season as well as deer season when employees want time off.  Mother Nature adds to the chaos with a threat of the dreaded snowfall.  A single crew consists of two dump trucks with drivers, a leaf machine with an operator and a leaf raker. It takes 4 people to create a leaf collection crew.  The Township owns three leaf machines and we do our best to have all three machines with crews on the streets, but because of the time of year, it is difficult to steadily man all three machines at once.  If snowfall would occur during leaf collection, we have to strip leaf equipment from the dump trucks, take care of the snow, then re-equip the trucks with leaf equipment and continue leaf collection. Resumption of leaf collection can only occur if the snowfall is not too great.  A significant snow can cover the leaf piles, making it impossible to locate, especially if covered with plowed snow.
DSC04312Our goal for 2021 is to complete three full rounds, and increase service on our flagging roads.  A flagging road is defined as a road that has a high volume of traffic, has dangerous hills or curves that limits your visibility to see our work crews, or a roadway that has a higher speed limit.  Leaf collection is rated per Penn-DOT as a moving work zone, such trash collectors and recycling collection. Signage moves with the crews and may cause confusion to the motorist.  Our crews do wear the required bright apparel for your safety and ours.

Flagging Roads

Admire Road Davidsburg Road Harmony Grove Road
Emig Mill Road West Canal road Clearview Road
Ruppert Road East Canal Road Sky Top Trail
South Salem Church Road Fox Run Road Nursery Road
Baker Road Bull Road Mountain Road
Carlisle Road Hilton Avenue Poplars Road
Butter Road Oakland Road Rohlers Church Road
North Salem Church Road Old Carlisle Road Park Street
Cardinal Lane Blackberry Road Grenway Road
Temple School Road Cherry Orchard Road George Street
Taxville Road Schoolhouse Road Beisecker Road



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