Do I need a permit?

Many projects related to home or property improvement do require permits.  Sheds 100 to 999 square feet require a zoning permit.  Zoning permits are also required for fencing, patios, some decks and some driveway repairs.


Larger accessory structures such as sheds, garages, additions, decks and pools require building permits.


The permit applications are the same and both require site plans, although building permits require two sets of specs to be submitted along with the application.


Fees for zoning permits are $50.00 plus any stormwater fee. Fees for building permits start at $50.00 (for a project with an estimated cost of less than $8,000.00); or $6.00 per each $1,000.00 of estimated cost of the project plus plan review fees and inspection costs, determined by our Third Party Inspection Agency plus any stormwater fee.


Many cosmetic home improvements do not require permits.


These projects may include:

  • replacement doors or windows with the same size doors or windows and no structural alterations.
  • replacing shingled roofing, including felt paper underlayment, flashing, gutters and downspouts with no structural alterations.
  • replacing siding with no structural alterations.
  • finishing basements that do not include bedrooms.  Mechanicals need to be sized appropriately for additional conditioned space.


In addition, any new project creating impervious area will require a Stormwater Permit Application, possible stormwater management for the project and a stormwater fee associated with the project.



Please call the Building Department at (717) 292-3634 if you have questions or for clarifications.

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