What payment options do we offer?

We accept check, cash and money order. Credit card payments can be made online via the website here (a nominal service fee will be applied to your bill).

Payments can be made:

  1. Online By Credit Card (a 3% service fee will be charged.) To access your account online, you will need your new account number, the account holder’s name and the billing zip code.
  2. Pay by Phone – 1-833-286-1238 (a 3% service fee will be charged.) To pay by phone, you will need your Customer ID and Phone PIN, which are located on your most recent bill.
  3. Through your bank’s website. Go to your bank’s website and click on their “Bill Pay” tab.  Add an account for Dover Township, using your new account number and our address.  They will send us a check on your behalf.  You just need to tell them when to send the payment and how much the payment is.
  4. By mailing your check or money order to Dover Township, 2480 W Canal Rd, Dover, PA 17315
  5. Checks, money orders and cash can be placed in our dropbox, which is located in the vestibule of our building. This area is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  6. In our office, we accept checks, money orders or cash. Credit card payments are not accepted in our office.

Payments made after the due date will be charged a 10% penalty on the current outstanding charges.

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