Bridge Weight Restrictions

The township boundary is colored red with black, curved text of Dover Township. Center black text York County, PA Established 1743

May 22, 2018 As a result of a bridge inspections that identified various levels of deterioration, Dover Township Public Works Department has posted the following bridges with varying weight restrictions that could affect your travels with heavy vehicles: Butter Road (bridge 367) Weight Limit 27 tons, except Combination 39 tons. …

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2017 Annual Water CCR

Blue drop of water

2017 ANNUAL DRINKING WATER QUALITY REPORT PWS ID#: 7670073   SYSTEM NAME: Dover Township To download the full copy of this report, click here ***************************************************** The following is an excerpt from the full CCR report ***************************************************** Este informe contiene información importante acerca de su agua potable.  Haga que alguien lo traduzca para …

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2018 Budget Breakdown

Sideways bar chart showing the breakdown of tax dollars received by the Township. For every $100.00 the Township receives, $40.92 goes to Police, $16.50 goes to Fire, $15.03 goes to Administration, $15.03 goes to Highway, $7.51 goes to Parks and Recreation, $4.18 goes to Planning and Zoning, and $0.83 goes to Solid Waste Collection.

Dover Township is proud to present the highlights of the 2018 Budget. No tax increase is projected in this budget. The Board of Supervisors has not increased real estate taxes since 2008, when the millage rate was increased from .828 to 1 whole mil of tax. This means on a …

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Public Works Garage Project

October 27, 2017 – Dover Township has removed the old salt dome to make way for construction on the new Public Works Facility.   November 03, 2016 – Dover Township has been contemplating a garage project for several years.  This summer we began working with an architect to develop a …

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