2019 Farming Lease Bids

Stack of manilla envelopes with red text, "Dover Township Sealed Bids"

Sealed bids for a Farming Lease for 22 acres of Township land located near the south side of the intersection of Admire and Davidsburg Roads otherwise known as York County Tax Map Parcel 24-000-JF-0045D-000000 will be received by the Board of Supervisors of Dover Township, York County, PA. Bids will …

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York County Stormwater Authority

Blue background with white text, "YCPC York County Planning Commission" underneith this text is smaller white text, "York, Pennsylvania"

www.yorkstormwater.com   York County Stormwater Authority: A proposal for York County to improve our streams, reduce flooding and meet Federal water quality requirements This past summer many of our communities in York County experienced flooding from high intensity storm events. These events are becoming more frequent and cause expensive damage to …

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