Items For Sale – Municibid

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Dover Township is selling the following three items on Municibid: Folder Inserter Machine – Onan GenSet 20ES Generator – Viking Snow Plow – Auctions will end on Tuesday, August 20, 2024 at 10:00 AM EST and will be voted on by the BOS on Monday, August 26,…

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Voluntary Water Use Restriction

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In response to the current conditions in York County, Dover Township is implementing voluntary restrictions on nonessential water usage. To help conserve water, we can all contribute by taking the following steps: Fix Appliance and Toilet Leaks: Promptly repair any leaks in appliances and toilets. Optimize Washer and Dishwasher Use:…

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The Vital Role of Routine CCTV Inspections

The Vital Role of Routine CCTV Inspection in Municipal Sewer Systems and routine sewer system inspections are critical for municipalities. Failure to identify and eliminate blockages, leaks, or deterioration inside the sewer can lead to costly and dangerous overflows, environmental disasters, regulatory penalties, and PR nightmares. But regularly scheduled CCTV…

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PA One Calls

In Pennsylvania, digging or excavating without knowing what lies beneath the surface can lead to dangerous consequences. To prevent accidental damage to underground utilities like gas, electric, water, sewer, stormwater and telecommunications lines, the Pennsylvania One Call System was established. This system helps excavators and homeowners by marking the location…

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