DASD Unity Council Merchandise Sale

picture of a red and black eagle with its wings spread as its standing on top of black and red text, "DOVER EAGLES"

The Dover Area School District has a history of celebrating that we are Dover PROUD. This means that we Persevere in the face of adversity, demonstrate Respect in all interactions, take Ownership for ourselves, value Unity as an inclusive community, and are Dedicated to making ourselves and our community the best it can be. It is our responsibility to ensure our entire …

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Do You Have Questions About Medicare, Medigap or Prescriptions?

Black triangle in the background with black text in the foreground, "APPRISE"

APPRISE is the Pennsylvania State Health Insurance Assistance Program. APPRISE volunteers are specially trained to answer your questions about Medicare, Medicaid, Medigap, prescription drugs, preventive care, and to assist you with your paperwork. The counselors have direct access to State and Federal Medicare information and resources. Currently, all appointments are being conducted …

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