2018 Budget Breakdown

Sideways bar chart showing the breakdown of tax dollars received by the Township. For every $100.00 the Township receives, $40.92 goes to Police, $16.50 goes to Fire, $15.03 goes to Administration, $15.03 goes to Highway, $7.51 goes to Parks and Recreation, $4.18 goes to Planning and Zoning, and $0.83 goes to Solid Waste Collection.

Dover Township is proud to present the highlights of the 2018 Budget. No tax increase is projected in this budget. The Board of Supervisors has not increased real estate taxes since 2008, when the millage rate was increased from .828 to 1 whole mil of tax. This means on a …

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Alternates Needed

The township boundary is colored red with black, curved text of Dover Township. Center black text York County, PA Established 1743

Dover Township is in need of alternate members for the Zoning Hearing Board. The Dover Township Zoning Hearing Board is a five member Board. This body is a Quasi Judicial Body whose authority is granted by the Municipal Planning Code of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. There is one alternate member. …

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