2020 WWTP Upgrade Bar Screen

In 2020, a new automatic bar screen was installed at the Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP). The scope of this project was to remove rags (paper products, baby wipes, etc….) and other debris that enters the waste stream.  Rags and debris are a massive problem to the Wastewater Treatment Plant, (WWTP)…

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Janitorial Services RFP

Stack of manilla envelopes with red text, "Dover Township Sealed Bids"

Dover Township is accepting proposals for janitorial services. Each of the contracts shall begin June 26, 2024. Bid 1 will end on 12/31/26. Bid 2 will end on 10/31/26. Proposal specifications and documents may be obtained at the Dover Township Office, 2480 W. Canal Rd, Dover, Pennsylvania, 17315. Proposals must…

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Protect Your Tap

Dover Township is asking for the customer’s help with completing our Lead Service Line Inventory. Lead is very dangerous to human health. For children, lead exposure can cause irreversible and life-long health effects, including affecting IQ, focus, and academic achievement. Drinking water is a potential source of lead in homes.…

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Savvy Citizen

Blue box with pointed corner down in the background with the outline of three people colored red in the foreground. Savvy Citizen logo.

Getting Started with Savvy Citizen: A Simple User Guide   Download and Install the App: Visit your app store (Google Play Store or Apple App Store). Search for “Savvy Citizen” and download the app. Install it on your smartphone or tablet. Account Setup: Open the app and sign up using…

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