York County creates positions to advance diversity, equity and inclusion

York County Commissioners and representatives of the York County Planning Commission announced on Wednesday, June 17, at the Commissioners meeting that two new positions will be established in each organization to address diversity, equity and inclusion. The population of York County has grown steadily over the years and has become more diverse. A diverse county fuels innovation, supports robust communities and a rich cultural life.
Disparities in race, ethnicity and poverty afflict our residents across the entire county. These inequities can and must be addressed as York County has a responsibility to provide all its residents with equitable access to our public resources.
“The creation of a chief opportunity officer in York County government affirms our commitment to ensuring that our staff mirrors the demographics of the community we serve” stated Kristy Bixler, deputy administrator for the County of York.
York County Planning Commission Director Felicia Dell also shared, “The equity and inclusion community planner position within the Planning Commission will be responsible for a countywide community plan to create an inclusive culture that values and celebrates the diversity of county residents. We look forward to working with our various partners, including the county’s chief opportunity officer, toward a common goal.”
Media contact: Mark Walters, 717‐779‐6508