WWTP Utility Water Extension

In May of 2024 our employees at Dover Township Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP), began extending the utility water system. The utility water system consists of twenty (20) yard hydrants spread over the campus, four (4) utility water pumps and a large pressure tank.

The utility water extension will be adding roughly five-hundred (500) feet of pipe and two (2) additional yard hydrants in harder to access parts of the WWTP.

The utility water system utilizes effluent flow (treated and disinfected wastewater) for use around the WWTP for clean-up and wash down of plant equipment. Utility water is used for seals on pumps and plays a major part of the biosolids dewatering process. As strange as it sounds, dewatering biosolids requires a significant amount of water. In 2023 the dewatering process used 2,396,738 gallons of water. Reusing utility water instead of potable water not only keeps operational costs down, but also is much better for the environment.