Warehouse Project – Public Comment Clarification

Dover Township would like to clarify some misinformation on social media.  With regard to public comment on the Warehouse Project at Township Meetings, at no time has the Township indicated that they would not take public comment at its meetings on the Warehouse Project or any other subject.  However, until the plan is on an actual agenda of the Board of Supervisors, it would be premature for the Board to respond back to these comments or questions, especially since the Board has not seen the plan and there are still staff and consultant comments that the Hines Development Corporation must address prior to placement on the agenda.  A statement of this nature was made by the Township Solicitor prior to the public comment period at the April Meetings.

In addition, it is common that plans are submitted to the Dover Township Planning Commission with outstanding comments and months can pass between the DT Planning Commission Meeting recommendation on a plan until their placement on the Board’s agenda.  With a plan of the magnitude of the Hines Warehouse Project, reviewing hundreds of pages of documents for revisions takes time and should not be rushed. When the matter is ready for the Board’s action, it will be placed on a future agenda.  Our agendas are posted on the website on the Friday prior to the Monday Meeting and notifications are sent out via Savvy Citizen regarding the upcoming meeting.  As noted in a previous post, we are currently anticipating the potential of the matter being on the July 8th Meeting agenda.  That meeting will be totally dedicated to the presentation of the plan, Board input, and public comment.  An alternate location will be determined closer to that date.  Please understand, if Hines is unable to address the Staff and Consultants concerns in time for the July 8th Meeting, the matter will be postponed until a future meeting.

Dover Township is committed to hearing from the public on this matter.  It is important to be engaged in your community. There is no intent by the Township to avoid, discourage or provoke the public.  If it is your intent to come to a meeting where the plan is being considered, please follow our posts through Savvy Citizen as they will be the most accurate source for when the item is ready for the agenda and therefore the best time for the updated plans to be discussed with all interested parties present.