Below you will find answers to some of Dover Township’s most Frequently Asked Questions:


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The minimum width is 33 feet; however you should contact the Township regarding your specific road as right of way widths do vary within the Township.

Property owners are responsible for maintenance to all trees and shrubs within the Right of Way, including those that interfere with the clear sight triangle at intersections.  If we receive a complaint about such an issue, we will inform the property owner that it is their responsibility to trim it so that it no longer is an issue for the traveling public.

A snow emergency does three things for the community:

  1. The purpose is to establish snow emergency routes by restricting the use of certain highways during periods of snow or ice emergency to vehicles which are properly equipped (mud and snow tires) to minimize the safety hazard.
  2. It restricts parking on certain collector roads during winter storms that could result in no parking fines or having a vehicle towed from blocking the road.
  3. Snow Emergency Routes that are designated with signs through Township Ordinances must have ALL VEHICLES removed from those streets.  Click here to see a list of streets designated as SNOW EMERGENCY.


When development occurs, the developer maintains ownership of all the roads within the subdivision until 90% of the homes have been completed.  At that point, the developer requests a final walk through and a punch-list is created.  After the punch-list is complete, the wearing or top coat is applied to road surface and the road is offered to the Township as a public street.  The Township is not responsible to maintain roads in any way that have not be dedicated.

Regulatory signs require a traffic study.  Some traffic studies can be performed by our Public Works Director, while others require assistance from another agency.  Please contact our Public Works Director regarding specifics.

Non-regulatory signs like children at play, deaf child area, etc. do not usually require a study.  However, residents may be required to pay for the cost of installing such signs.  Please contact the Public Works Director with your issue to find out the details.

Northern York County Regional Police Department handles traffic enforcement within Dover Township.  Please visit their website here.

Driveway permits are necessary if located within a public right of way. A driveway may not exceed 24 ft measured at the street right-of-way line nor less than 10 ft. Driveways must also be paved at least 25 ft from the street right-of-way line of all public streets. All other requirements can be found in §21-403: Driveways.


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