2024 Road Projects

Dover Township plans to finish the last section of Pinchtown Road using the “Full Depth Reclamation Process and Paving Overlay” (FDR). The approximate length of this project is forty-one hundred (4,100) linear feet of roadway. This process will consist of reclaiming a depth of twelve (12) inches by twenty (20) feet in width. The roadway will be ground up, re-laid, cement spread over the surface, reground, graded to the proper slope, then compacted.

The road will need to sit for approximately two (2) weeks before the overlay can take place. After the two (2) weeks, the contractor will do an overlay of three (3) inches of compacted twenty-five (25) mm asphalt. The final step of this process, the contractor will do an overlay of one and a half (1.5) inches of compacted nine and a half (9.5) mm asphalt. The Final roadway will be an eighteen (18) foot wide paved roadway with a two (2) foot shoulder on either side of the travel lane. Please us the provided links to see the process.



Left rectangle "Unstabilized Granular Base" depicts water infiltrating the base through high water table, capillary action and causes softening, lower strength and reduced modulus. Right rectangle "Cement-Stabilized Base". Cement stabilization reduces permeability, helps keep moisture out, maintains high level of strength and stiffness even when saturated.