York County Hazard Mitigation Viewer

Do you know if your house is located in a Floodplain?  Are you susceptible to high levels of Radon?  The York County Hazard Mitigation Plan and Viewer can quickly help you identify which hazards may affect your property and provide information on how to minimize the impacts from each hazard.
The York County 2018 Hazard Mitigation Plan was approved on February 11, 2019. While the Plan is very thorough in identifying hazards and mitigation actions for the County, there is a need to make the information more accessible, time sensitive, interactive, and available at the parcel and municipal level to truly be effective in identifying and addressing hazards. To achieve this goal the York County Planning Commission developed the York County Hazard Mitigation Viewer.  Identified as an action item in the Plan, the Hazard Mitigation Viewer is web based and serves many functions.
The Hazard Mitigation Viewer allows users to:

  • Identify hazards that could impact your property or municipality.  This allows the user to become aware of potential hazards that are associated with their residence, place of work, school, or municipality.
  • Click on links that define the hazard and highlight mitigation actions.  This information will help users make informed decisions and take actions to reduce or eliminate identified hazards.  Hazard mitigation actions, ranging from emergency kits to structural alternatives, are identified for residents and municipalities
  • Identify available funding and other resources to implement mitigation actions.  Contact information is provided for an array of Federal, State, County, and non-profit programs.
  • Quickly find contact information for local agencies and officials that can answer questions or provide additional hazard mitigation information.

Future Enhancements:

  • In the future we hope to continue to improve upon the Hazard Mitigation Viewer with more capabilities and information.

The audience for the Hazard Mitigation Viewer is extensive. Residents, realtor agents, school teachers, municipal officials, planning commissions, zoning officials, emergency coordinators, emergency responders, non-profits, businesses, visitors, and others can use this tool for information, education, and decision making on a daily basis. Examples include use by municipal and county government as part of the subdivision/land development review process, teachers in educating their students, emergency personnel in determining what kind of training or equipment may be needed, and home buyers seeking information on properties of interest. The goal being hazard awareness and education regarding actions to reduce or eliminate hazards in York County.
Please check out the York County Hazard Mitigation Viewer at   http://yorkcountypa.maps.arcgis.com/apps/webappviewer/index.html?id=c4d2d3a465c84a60a8e5773a3b76107e .