Below you will find answers to some of Dover Township’s most Frequently Asked Questions:


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Trash and Recycling

We deliver leaves to some fields and to a company that will turn the leaves into mulch. Grass holds moisture that creates mold and heat. The mulch company cannot have mold in the mulch and the heat generated can cause a fire.


In addition, please do not dispose of grass clippings near or within watercourses. This is consider a violation of the following Township Ordinance. Please dispose of grass clippings properly.


§19-808. Watercourse Protection.

  1. Every person owning property through which a watercourse passes, or such person’s lessee, shall keep and maintain that part of the watercourse within the property free of trash, debris, excessive vegetation, and other obstacles that would pollute, contaminate, or significantly retard the flow of water through the watercourse.


Recycling bins can be picked up at the Dover Township Municipal Office @ 2480 West Canal Rd Monday through Friday 8am to 4:30pm. There is no charge for the recycling bins.

Old medicine can be disposed of  at the Northern York Regional Office at 1445 East Canal Rd.

Hazardous waste and material can be dropped off at the York County Solid Waste Authority at 2700 Blackbridge Road in York.

Any place that sells or exchanges the propane tanks will take them.

Penn Waste is the current trash hauler for Dover Township and their phone number is (717) 767-4456.

Website:  www.pennwaste.com

Basic Service consists of:  4 bags, unlimited recycling and one large item per week.

Residents can chose to add cart service through Penn Waste.

The Minimum service is a pay by the bag service.

Contact Penn Waste at (717) 767-4456 or www.pennwaste.com for details and pricing.

We do have a special day for Christmas tree pick up in the Township.  Call our office at (717) 292-3634 or check the Township calendar to find out the date annually for pick up, However, if you missed the pick up you can put it out as a large item for pick up with your garbage.

Grass clipping can go right in your regular garbage for pick up.

If you see someone taking your recycling from the bin, call 911 to report it.  This is illegal.  The recycling collected in the Township is reported by the ton each year to the Department of Environmental Protection. The Township receives grant monies to help pay for brush and leaf collection costs through this funding.

Dover Township no longer accepts electronics and you cannot dispose of them in your regular trash or recycling pickup. If you would like to dispose of electronics, please contact the York County Solid Waste Authority using the information below:

2700 Black Bridge Rd
York, PA 17402
Phone: (717) 845-1066
Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm
Website: http://www.ycswa.org/


55 Fairview Rd
New Cumberland, PA 17070
Phone: (717) 901-5200
Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00am to 4:30pm
Website: http://twp.fairview.pa.us/

The blue recycling bins that are provided by Dover Township are 42 gallons.

For a current list of recyclable items, please check Penn Waste’s website here.

No.  Penn Waste does their own billing, but they do have on-line bill pay at www.pennwaste.com.

Allow the paint residue to dry in the can or place kitty litter in it to absorb the leftover paint.  When the can is dry, you can throw the cans out in your regular garbage.

Used motor oil can be recycled right here in Dover Township at the following places:



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