What does MS4 stand for?

MS4 is short for, “Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System”, where the word “Municipal” refers to a unit of local government like a borough or a township but may also refer to an organization responsible for the administration of a developed area. And the number 4 refers to the four words …

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How are single lot improvements such as structures, home additions, patios and driveways permitted to ensure proper stormwater management?

A Stormwater Management (SWM) Permit Application must be completed for any improvements that will result in 100 square feet or more of new impervious (water cannot get through) surface.  Examples would include sheds, home additions, patios and driveways. A copy of our Stormwater Management Permit Application can be obtained by …

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What is a Watercourse?

A Watercourse is a stream, river, brook, creek, channel, ditch or swale where water flows on a continuous, seasonal, or intermittent basis. A watercourse can be natural or manmade.