Is the plant staffed around the clock?

No, the plant is only staffed one shift per day.  The plant is continually monitored by computers with a complex alarm system.  The rotating on-call plant operators must responded to alarms and get to the plant within 30 minutes.

Who operates the treatment plant?

The wastewater treatment system is owned by the Dover Township Sewer Authority and is leased to Dover Township to operate and maintain the system. Plant operation is done by highly trained and certified operators who are employees of Dover Township.  After a thorough training and exam process, operators are licensed …

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What is sludge and biosolids? Is it the same thing?

Sludge is a generic term for the solids removed from any plant.  These solids are treated at this facility by aerobic digestion. This is a natural biological process that utilizes existing bacteria to stabilize the solids.  The stabilized sludge, called biosolids, must meet many strict State and Federal requirements before …

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