Who owns and operates our water and wastewater systems?

Dover Township owns and operates the Township’s water system. The Dover Township Sewer Authority owns our sewer system, the Joint (inter-municipal) Interceptor and the Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant. Dover Township operates our sewer system, the Joint Interceptor and the wastewater treatment plant.

How can residents and/or system users help?

Dispose of household products safely. Don’t pour solvents, pesticides, paint thinners, engine oil, or household cleaning products with hazardous chemicals down the drain or into a storm sewer. Take them to a recycling center or hazardous waste collection site. Cooking oils and grease should be collected in a container, covered, …

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How often do I have to pump my septic system?

On October 1, 2005, the Dover Township Supervisors enacted Ordinance No. 2005-05, The Sewage Management Program Ordinance.  This ordinance requires the inspection and pumping of all septic tanks in Dover Township, once every four (4) years.