YAMPO Invites Public to Comment on the 2023 Transportation Improvement Plan

What aspects are missing when roads are repaved?

In York County, the York Area Metropolitan Planning Organization, or YAMPO, is the group that approves four-year plans for transportation funding, called Transportation Improvement Programs, or TIPs. For the next month, you have the opportunity to let YAMPO know if you think additional aspects should be added to address problems along the candidate roads such as stormwater and flooding issues as well as safety amongst others.

We Want to Hear From You!
Tell us what you think of the Pavement Asset Candidate Projects for the 2023-2026 TIP, and take our surveys at https://www.ycpc.org/159/Transportation-Improvement-Program:

1. Susquehanna Trail in Manchester Township
2. Creek Road in Washington Township
3. Red Lion Avenue in Windsor Township
4. Trinity Road (PA 616) in North Codorus Township
5. Hanover Road (PA 116) in West Manchester Township
6. U.S. 30 in West York between PA-462 and Willis Run
7. U.S. 30 in North York between I-83 and North Hills Road
8. U.S. 30 in Hellam Township from Hellam Exit to the Susquehanna River Bridge
9. I-83 Ramp Exit 8 Glen Rock

York County includes a diverse population with various needs and this is one opportunity to let us know what you think about several project candidates and other issues surrounding these locations. Over the next few months, the YCPC will be meeting with PennDOT and local municipalities to discuss highway and bridge project candidates, holding a 30-day public comment period in early 2022, and submitting the TIP mid-2022. However, not all highway and bridge projects will be selected this round due to funding constraints, and thus will have to wait until current projects are completed.