Working to Eliminate Inflow and Infiltration (I&I) in Dover Township Sanitary Sewers

Dover Township is in the beginning stages of working with the private sector. Our goal is to eliminate inflow and infiltration from entering the sanitary sewer system. We will be doing an extensive I&I investigation in Tall Oaks Estates. This investigation will include, but not limited to, inspection of manholes for water tightness, cleaning and videoing of all sanitary sewer mainlines, inspection of all laterals and cleanouts, and documenting any defects found.
We may also introduce a non-toxic smoke into the sewer in an effort to locate defects and/or broken pipes. We will then provide the results and data to the owners of Tall Oaks for them to schedule and pay for any necessary repairs. We look forward to building this relationship to better improve our sanitary sewer system. This effort should assure we are doing everything possible to keep our community and waterways safe and clean from sanitary sewer overflows.
White box truck parked on a Township road next to an open manhole. This truck is used to televise Dover Township's Sanitary Sewer System.