Watershed Alliance of York – June 2017 Newsletter

Watershed Alliance of York logo. York county boundary in seafoam green with blue letters in the middle of W, A, Y. Shows there website address as: www.watershedsyork.org

LEARN how the Bay improved slightly since 2016. Updates on the latest water science. Linking water quality to land cover and use. How stream boats altered the Bay. New water access points. And what you can do to help.

ACT by witnessing the 2017 River Experience. Celebrate National Trails Month. Take a class, attend a conference, view a webinar, participate in a workshops, outdoors recreation opportunities and events and more!

HELP is available understanding the Chesapeake Bay Model and how it’s used to make policy decisions for the Bay’s restoration. How Citizen Science and Monitoring can help fill data gaps. New resources and tools about stormwater management and fees, credit trading, and more! Lastly, multiple funding opportunities and where to find them

Yours in stewardship,
Gary R. Peacock

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WAY E-NEWS Volume 17, Issue 6