What is sludge and biosolids? Is it the same thing?

Sludge is a generic term for the solids removed from any plant.  These solids are treated at this facility by aerobic digestion. This is a natural biological process that utilizes existing bacteria to stabilize the solids.  The stabilized sludge, called biosolids, must meet many strict State and Federal requirements before …

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How does a wastewater treatment plant work?

Wastewater treatment usually consists of physical, chemical and biological actions in some various combinations to efficiently and cost-effectively clean the water and treat the removed material.  The size and type of the treatment units are very specific to the quantity and characteristics of the wastewater.

How do treatment plants protect our environment?

A wastewater treatment plant cleans the water so it can be safely returned to the environment.  It removes various solids, which includes everything from rags and sticks to sand and smaller particles found in wastewater. It reduces organic material and pollutants by the controlled action of helpful bacteria and other …

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