RabitTransit Needs Your Help

RabbitTransit has created an awareness video that will help educate healthcare professionals, community stakeholders and the general public to answer the question: “What is Shared Ride?”.  Below you will find a link to the video that we encourage you to share on social media, post on your internal network, post on your website or distribute to other partners you are connected with:

YouTube Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vPxD_NkGbkw

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Feeling stranded by your transportation needs? Shared ride might be an option for you. Check out this video to discover more about paratransit in your area. Serving residents of Adams, Columbia, Cumberland, Franklin, Montour, Northumberland, Perry, Snyder, Union and York. We hope you’ll help us spread the word if you have someone you know who may benefit from Shared Ride services.


Access to Care an issue for you?
Access to Care is a committee that was formed to help further bridge the gap between healthcare and transportation barriers. This initiative identified a general lack of awareness regarding Public Transportation options, primarily Shared Ride/Paratransit, including how this service can better meet mobility needs. This video was an outcome of the work from this committee.


How Can You Get More Involved?
We need your help.  3P Ride is an initiative of rabbittransit and community partners focused on expanding transportation options to better connect people to their community. Older adults and people with disabilities are core partners for project planning and implementation to “get more people to more places, and open up more possibilities.”  Visit www.3p-ride.com to learn more.