Public Works Garage Project

October 27, 2017 – Dover Township has removed the old salt dome to make way for construction on the new Public Works Facility.
Concrete structure with wooden walls and roof being demolished by a yellow JCB backhoe. Dover Township is removing the old salt dome to make way for the new Public Works Facility
November 03, 2016 – Dover Township has been contemplating a garage project for several years.  This summer we began working with an architect to develop a feasibility study for the project.  The anticipated project involves a phased approach that will include demolition of existing buildings to build larger structures allowing for future expansion and bringing all Township equipment under one roof.  Additional office space, locker room space and a lunch room are also included in the project.  The project would be phased between the years of 2017-2019, to allow operations to continue with as little impact to public services as possible.  This project will cost approximately 4.2 million dollars and a borrowing will need to occur to fund the project; however, a tax increase is not anticipated for this project to occur.  The last time the Township’s Municipal Complex was renovated was in 1999.  Since that time, steady development within our community has led to increases in road, sewer, water lines and expansion of recreation space.  In order to keep pace with our growing population, Dover Township needs to grow its municipal complex to continue to provide efficient and effective services to our residents.  The conceptual design is below (click for full-size PDF):
Dover Township public works preliminary floor plan