Penn Waste Winter Reminders

Keep these tips in mind to ensure we can access and dump your containers after the snow event ends! 

1. Salt around corral pins.
2. Close your lids.
3. Do not block access to dumpster with snow.
4. Clear a path to your dumpsters.

Red banner at top with white text, "Winter Reminders for our commercial customers" picture of two green dumpsters side by side on a concrete pad. The dumpster on the right has a gate in front of it. There is snow piled up in front of the gate. A red circle is around the snow with black text, "Do not block access to dumpster w/snow". There is a red arrow pointing in between the dumpsters with white text, "Salt around corral pins". There is a red circle around the lid of the left dumpster with white text, "close your lids!". The final block of text at the bottom of the picture has white text, "Clear a path to your dumpsters"