Fitness Classes

Fitness Classes

If you see a class below that interests you, just show up!  The instructor will help you with payment and registration.

NEW!  You can now pay for some of our fitness classes online.  Go to and register for Keep it Fit or Yoga.

Keep It Fit

Monday/Wednesday – 9:45 am- 11 am – Dover Community Building (3700 Davidsburg Rd.)

This class is great for ZOOMERS!! (Def= Active Boomer) A beginning warm up is followed by low and no-impact floor aerobics to strengthen the cardio system. A choreographed cool down follows. Next, we tone & strengthen the muscles and core with weights, balance balls, bands, and more. A final stretch gets us ready for the day! Everyone is encouraged to work at their own fitness level!    Please bring hand weights and mats with you.  

1 Class a week (8 classes) for 3 months- $25 resident/ $35 non-resident

2 Classes a week (16 classes) for 3 months- $45 resident / $55 non-resident



Monday/Wednesday – 7-8pm Dover Community Building (3700 Davidsburg Rd.)

For those of you looking for a new way to continue your fitness program, or add a little something to your current routine, come and give it a try!  Zumba is a Latin-inspired, dance fitness program suitable for all ages, body shapes/sizes and genders. Get ready to shake it to some of your favorite tunes, as well as the Zumba inspired Salsa, Merengue and Reggaeton beats.  My goal is to motivate and inspire you, all while encouraging you to work at your own fitness level.   Whether Zumba is something totally new to you, or you’re a seasoned Zumba participant doing Zumba every night of the week, come and join us for an energetic, sweat-inspired hour of fun!  If you enjoy dancing, you will LOVE this class!

Cost:  Drop in Fee:  $6 / Class

1 Class/Week for One (1) Calendar Month                                $ 20.00

2 Classes/Week for One (1) Calendar Month                            $ 35.00


Yoga for Relaxation (Gentle) – Tuesday/Thursday – 5:30-6:30pm ; Saturday 8:30-9:30am

Intermediate Yoga (Flow) – Tuesday/Thursday – 6:45-7:45pm

Classes are held at the Dover Township Building (2480 W. Canal Rd.)

A note from Instructor Milly Jo:

Gentle Yoga:  Great for beginners or any level.  Give your brain a rest, and listen to your body for one hour.  Relax, Breathe, move at your own pace, and go only as far as you are ready to go.  There is no pressure to go farther or do more then you are ready to do.  Leave with a feeling of rejuvenation.

High Energy Yoga Flow:  This is a higher intensity yoga, though perfect for beginners too.  It is best to have healthy wrists, back, and knees, though modifications are always available.  The basics are the same, There is never pressure to do more then you are comfortable with.  Relax your mind, while working your body.  Become aware of your breath.

Card Prices

8 Classes — $30; 16 Classes — $50

Cards can be used for 3 months.  Non-residents add $5.   Pay by the class — $5, NR — $7