Met-Ed Prepares for Snow & Ice

Based on FirstEnergy’s meteorological forecast, Met-Ed is preparing for the snow and freezing rain predicted to hit our service area starting tomorrow morning, February 7.  Met-Ed has resources available overnight and is prepared to address outages as needed throughout the event.

While Met-Ed crews strive to restore service as quickly as possible, the predicted weather may create hazardous working conditions for our crews and could prolong our restoration efforts. In locations where power is interrupted, we appreciate everyone’s patience as we work to restore power while keeping our employees and our customers safe.

For updated information on the company’s storm preparation efforts, current outages, Met-Ed’s storm restoration process, and tips for staying safe, customers are urged to visit our 24/7 Power Center at If an outage occurs, customers should call 1-888-LIGHTSS (1-888-544-4877) to report their outage or click the “Report Outage” link on  Immediately report any downed wires to Met-Ed or local police or fire department and never go near a downed power line, even if you think it is no longer carrying electricity.  Extra caution should be used in areas where downed lines are entangled in trees or other debris.

Should an outage occur, here are some common-sense tips for getting through the cold weather:
•        Close drapes, blinds and garage doors to retain heat.
•        Use a sturdy fireplace screen when using a fireplace or wood-burning stove to help prevent a house fire.
•        Never use a gas stove, charcoal grill or lantern intended for outdoor use inside your home as it could lead to a buildup of deadly carbon monoxide gas.
•        Only use space heaters designed for indoor use, and keep all heat sources at least three feet away from curtains, carpet or furniture that could catch on fire.
•        Avoid frozen pipes by opening faucets and maintaining a constant drip, or wrap pipes in insulation or layers of newspaper.
•        Use care when burning candles, especially around children or pets; burning candles can present a fire hazard.
•        Charge electronic devices such as cell phones, laptops and tablet computers, and keep car charging cords for those devices handy in case of a power outage.
•        Keep a flashlight, portable radio and extra batteries in the event a power interruption occurs.
•        Never use a portable generator inside the house or a closed garage.  Ensure the proper generator is selected and installed by a qualified electrician.  When operating a generator, power coming into the home must be disconnected.  Otherwise, power from the generator could be sent back onto the utility lines, posing a danger to utility workers.

Please be safe and remember to always stay away from downed power lines!