Emig Mill Road Stop Signs

Township staff recently removed stop signs from Emig Mill Road at Mayfield Drive. The intersection previously was controlled with a 3-way stop is now controlled with stop signs on Mayfield Drive only. The changes are the result of previous complaints about traffic in the area and the findings within a traffic and engineering study completed for the Township. The traffic count volumes show that multi-way stop warrants were not met and that the crashes that did occur in the last 5 years were caused by drivers running the stop signs on Emig Mill Road. The engineers recommendations were advertised and an ordinance was passed on July 27, 2020. The Township continues to review street obstructions and contact property owners/residents about their responsibility to maintain clear sight distance at intersections and trim/remove low hanging trees and shrubs that interfere with travel.

picture of a silver car driving on Emig Mill Rd.