Costly Trash Removal from Sewage at the Treatment Plant

a picture of the new trash screen located within the new headworks building along with a bin of brown washed and compacted screeningsA $2,000,000 project at the Dover Township Wastewater Treatment Plant is almost complete.  This sewage “screen” removes trash entering into the treatment facility, protecting the pumps and mixers from costly damage.  Wipes, “flushable” wipes, shop rags, and feminine hygiene products are among the estimate 75,000 pounds of items that will be removed annually.  None of these items are allowed to be flushed into the public sewer, per Township Ordnance 26-129.D, which states any garbage that is not ground up and is greater than 2 cm in size, is prohibited.  This is to protect the resident, as well as the sewer infrastructure, since these can clog waste pipes within the home, too.  a picture of the new red brick headworks building located at the Dover Township Wastewater Treatment Plant




Even sanitary wipes that are labeled as “flushable”, do not disintegrate fast enough to avoid potential damage.  After the Two Million Dollar investment in the equipment, there will be an ongoing disposal cost in excess of three thousand dollars per year to take this garbage to the landfill.  It’s much cheaper for residents to throw these products away with their garbage, than to use the toilet as a trash can.