Commissioners sign resolution approving rabbittransit, Capital Area Transit merger

The York County Board of Commissioners on Wednesday publicly issued its intent to approve the creation of a regional municipal transportation authority, formed by merging rabbittransit with Capital Area Transit, currently known as CAT.

This collaboration will create the Susquehanna Regional Transportation Authority, giving Adams, Cumberland, Dauphin, Franklin and York counties as well as the City of Harrisburg seats on the 10- member voting board. Franklin County’s seat is non-voting.

Regionalizing local transportation will create operational efficiencies, potential cost savings and increased access to mobility. As a result, the entire region will see enhanced services for accessing employment, healthcare and education for the community and its residents. Regionalizing transportation can make an area more attractive for economic development and prospective employers.

“Ultimately, it’s about advancing mobility for the region,” said Richard Farr, Executive Director of rabbittransit, who has also been managing CAT since February 2018. “In many ways, we are functioning as one system now. The two transit agencies have been working cooperatively for nearly three years and we are already seeing benefits.”

With thousands of people depending on rabbittransit and CAT every day, the decision to support regionalization was obvious for the York County Commissioners.

“Transportation is something some people take for granted, but for many vulnerable or underserved members of our community, public transportation is their lifeline,” said York County President Commissioner Julie Wheeler. “Anything we can do to bolster transit services for York County and our neighboring counties is critical, especially as we work our way out of a pandemic.”

The next step in this process is for rabbittransit and CAT to jointly advertise the actions taken by all of the municipal partners and file the documentation required with Pennsylvania’s Secretary of State.

Media contact: Mark Walters, 717-779-6508