Butter Rd Bridge

The Butter Rd bridge between Nursery Rd and Fox Run Rd has been posted with weight restrictions.

The above-referenced bridge has been inspected as part of the 2017 York County Bridge Inspection Program. The Safe Load Capacity Analysis was revised due to additional cracking found in Beams 3 and 7 of the adjacent box beams. Based on this analysis, this bridge now needs to be posted and the recommended posting is as follows:

Single Vehicles – 27 Tons and Combination Vehicles – 39 Tons

Posting signs must be placed correctly at the advance intersections and on each approach at the bridge and be readily visible to be enforceable. These signing requirements can be found in PennDOT Publication 236 and the FHWA Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD).

Picture of the bridge on Butter Rd between Nursery and Fox Run. There is a white Weight Restriction sign before the bridge indicating that the weight restriction for Single Vehicles is 27 tons and Combination Vehicles is 39 tons.