Bridge Weight Restrictions

May 22, 2018

As a result of a bridge inspections that identified various levels of deterioration, Dover Township Public Works Department has posted the following bridges with varying weight restrictions that could affect your travels with heavy vehicles:

Butter Road (bridge 367) Weight Limit 27 tons, except Combination 39 tons. Ordinance 2017-06.

Clearview Road (bridge 424) Weight Limit 35 tons. Ordinance 2009-03.

Fox Run Road (bridge 366) Weight Limit 16 tons, except Combination 23 tons. Ordinance 2018-01.

Rohlers Church Road (bridge 426) Weight Limit 13 tons, except Combination 18 tons. Ordinance 2018-02.

As inspections continue to identify additional cracks and deterioration we will continue to make minor repairs, secure environmental permits and begin the process of either repairing or rebuilding these structures.


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