UPDATE: Andover Sewer & Water Project

The Dover Township Board of Supervisors on December 13, 2021, accepted a proposal from Doli Construction Corp. to replace/upsize the sanitary sewer and water facilities within the entire Andover Development. The work will start in early 2022 and is scheduled to be completed by May 1, 2023. Spotts, Stevens and McCoy (SSM) are the engineer on the project. The contractor has already delivered PVC sewer pipe to the Township building in anticipation of starting sanitary sewer work first. The estimated cost for the new utility lines is $2,868,755. Repaving of the streets will occur under a separate contract and will be scheduled for the Summer/Fall of 2023. Stay tuned for more information to follow as the project proceeds.

Topographic map of the Andover subdivision area with all the streets within the subdivision highlighted green. This is to showcase the project area for sewer and water line replacement starting in Fall 2021.
A large group of green pipes