Andover Sewer & Water Project

Dover Township has authorized Spotts, Stevens and McCoy (SSM) to begin engineering work to replace/upsize sanitary sewer and water utilities within the Andover development. Engineering surveys of the existing manholes, cleanouts, curb stops , fire hydrants and valves could start as early as next week. We plan to receive bids during the Summer months and anticipated construction to begin in the Fall of 2021. Stay tuned for more information to follow as the project proceeds.

Topographic map of the Andover subdivision area with all the streets within the subdivision highlighted green. This is to showcase the project area for sewer and water line replacement starting in Fall 2021.

Four pictures from inside a sewer line showing multiple cracks and offsets of the sewer pipe.faded yellow fire hydrant with chipping paint and rust visible. A blue plastic delineator is attached to the fire hydrant. The hydrant is sitting on a green grass lawn.