2020 Mosquito Surveillance Program

Another mosquito season approaches and in advance I would like to update you on recent changes to the York County Mosquito Surveillance Program.

As of January 2020 the program has moved to a new location within York City. The physical address is 745 W. Mason Ave. York, PA 17401. The mailing address however, is 28 E. Market St. York, PA 17401

This season, in addition to mosquito collection and control, we will also be conducting tick surveillance within the county that will consist of collection and testing of ticks for known pathogens. These collections will be performed at state and county parks from April thru October.

The 2019 mosquito season saw a significant reduction in the instances of West Nile Virus. In contrast, the 2018 season resulted in 458 mosquitos testing positive for West Nile Virus among 33  municipalities. 2019  had 27 mosquitos test positive in just 9 municipalities. We attribute the decline to a combination of weather and increased control measures in 2018. 2020 Surveillance and control measures will begin late April and continue thru September.

As always, the fight against mosquito populations and virus activity can be best controlled by individual residents.  Eliminating areas of standing water, swimming pool maintenance, gutter maintenance, regular rinsing of bird baths, aeration of garden ponds, elimination or turning over containers or other items that hold water, are all effective measures at mosquito control.

Residents with complaints or concerns, should visit the PA DEP (Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection) West Nile Virus Control Program website http://www.depgis.state.pa.us/WNV/index.html  Here, they will be able to submit a concern directly to DEP, which will be assigned to the appropriate county for investigation. As always, municipalities should contact us directly, regarding abandoned properties, swimming pools, illegal dumping, or any areas of concern within the municipality.