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Welcome to Dover Township

The Lake Meade Dam Emergency Action Plan is available here.

NOTICE: Starting August 20, 2014 The Lauer Tract will be oiled & chipped. Please expect delays in this area.

Special Flood Hazard Area

Attention Property Owners living near or next to streams, creeks or low lying areas:

Flooding is the most frequent and costly disaster in Dover Township. The risk for flooding changes over time due to erosion, land use, weather events and other factors. The likelihood of inland, riverine and coastal flooding has changed along with these factors. The risk for flooding can vary within the same neighborhood and even property to property. But it exists throughout the area. As the county’s flooding last spring illustrated, flooding occurs not only in high-risk areas, but in low- to moderate-risk areas as well. In fact, more than 50% of properties flooded were in areas designated as having a low or moderate flood risk. Knowing your flood risk is the first step to flood protection...continue reading

Volunteers Needed

Dover Township has opportunities for Township residents to become involved by volunteering for a Board or Commission. These Boards and Commissions include the Sewer Authority, Planning Commission, Zoning Hearing Board, and Codes Board. If you would like to volunteer, please download an application and submit it for consideration today!

It was under the authority of the Lancaster County Court that Dover Township was formed in 1743. It was formed out of old Manchester Township which was so large that it even extended into Adams County. The township's name, Dover, was selected because of an Englishman's nostalgia for his earlier home in England.

Dover Township maintains a vast Public Works infrastructure consisting of an estimated 75 miles of water lines, 85 miles of sewer lines, and 120 miles of highways and roads. In addition to the Public Works infrastructure, Dover Township maintains 5 parks and 10 recreational facilities. One of the most known parks, Brookside Park, has been a part of Dover Township’s history since 1901.

Dover Township occupies 42.1 square miles in the Northwestern part of York County, Pennsylvania. Of this, 99.76% consists of land and the remaining 0.24% is water. As of the 2010 census, Dover Township had 21,078 people comprising of 8,715 households. For more 2010 census information, please click here.

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